About us

Being born and raised in South Africa, our natural appreciation and fascination has always been the land on which we live and what gives this beautiful landscape the life that draws people in from around the world.

Something so incredible needs to be experienced and at the same time, conserved. Our fully integrated approach to sustainability ensures that each time you travel with us, both people, animals and planet benefit.

Our sustainable approach includes:

  • Supporting properties that support their surrounding environment through animal conservation and/or environmental protection. This includes supporting anti-poaching units, land conservation, sustainable energy, using environmentally friendly products and supporting local communities by creating jobs.
  • Using Green Cabs (Where available) for airport transfers
  • Planting a tree for each person that travels with us
  • Supporting animal groups in our hometown

As a family run business, our combined knowledge and love for Africa and sustainable travel as a way of life enables us to tailor make travel itineraries for clients based on specific personal needs. Travel isn’t merely an act of arriving in one place, it is about exploring your destination and experiencing its full potential while leaving as little trace as possible. An intricate knowledge of the landscape as well as the optimal times to visit based on our clients needs makes an Ecosouth Safaris experience unlike any other.