South African Road Trip Video By Ben Brown

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South African Road Trip Video By Ben Brown

The best way to travel will always be by road. It’s the way to connect […]

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Oh Hey Cape Town

We know that Cape Town is the best city to live and work in, which […]

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The Elephants That Visit Mfuwe Lodge

This is such beautiful footage of the elephants that visit Mfuwe Lodge every year when […]

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Tow Surfing Behind A Land Rover

Land Rovers are synonymous with African adventure because you can do whatever you please in […]

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The Best Time-Lapse Of Cape Town We’ve Seen

It’s a strange thing when you’ve lived in a city your entire life and you […]

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Lion Opens Car Door With Mouth

This isn’t the ideal moment in life, when you forget to lock your car door […]


No Instagram In The Wild

There’s a great scene in The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty where Sean O’Connell is […]

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Kayak The Okavango Delta

The best way to experience the pristine African wilderness is by doing it via your […]