The Best Time-Lapse Of Cape Town We’ve Seen

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.51.48 AM

It’s a strange thing when you’ve lived in a city your entire life and you claim to have ‘seen it all!’ Then one day you wake up and check your Twitter feed and a local named Brendon Wainwright has Tweeted a link to his latest time-lapse. You’re thinking ‘Ah, another time-lapse. These have been done before’ By the end of that day your Facebook and Twitter timeline is filled with mentions of his video, and when you finally watch it you realise there is another Cape Town that you have never seen, especially not like this.

The amount of effort that has gone into shooting and editing this, and choosing the perfect music, is extraordinary. This is Cape Town as you’ve never seen it before, and unless you do night hikes over many months to capture this, you’ll never see again (Until Brendon releases a new video)

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