The Team

Sean Lloyd



After completing a diploma in journalism, I knew I’d never go into traditional journalism. I got into the blogging culture and was involved for many years in the Cape Town blogging scene because it allowed me to express my own unique personality.

There is a great line by photographer Cory Richards in ‘A Tribute To Discomfort’ where he says “I’ve never been comfortable in the place that I’m in. I can’t stop and sit” and this line sums me up perfectly.

I feel incredibly lucky to live on a continent where there is so much to explore and do because this allows no time to ever be bored, and no reason to ever stop moving.

My life and work has seen me out in the African bush getting leopard selfies, getting turned away at the Namibian border with a friend (First rule of travel: Make sure your passport hasn’t expired), getting portraits of riders and crew at the Cape Epic and shooting the likes of Kelly Slater and Jordy Smith with my feet in the sand at J-Bay.

I write to tell authentic stories and convince people that spending money on travel is way more important than buying some shiny new object. People are at the heart of travel and they are the reason I love travelling. At Ecosouth Safaris I handle all the copy and social media avenues, aiming to educate people about Africa and allowing them a glimpse into this incredible place. Capturing Africa through photos and words is what I do.


Cara Lloyd


caraEver since I can remember, I’ve been in love with the great plains of Africa and the people and animals that inhabit the land. There’s a freedom that I feel in the African bush that is hard to come by anywhere else. Having travelled through some of the most beautiful areas of the globe, I’ve always returned to Africa with a sense of being at home.

I’ve travelled across Africa for work and leisure, and through this I have an intricate knowledge of the land and the best choices for my clients based on their particular needs. My career started with relief management at Lianshulu in the Caprivi Strip in Namibia and Motswari in the Timbavati in South Africa and continued as a sales consultant at some of the most established tour operators in the country

Wanting more freedom to explore and to have the ability to positively impact Africa through various charity initiatives, I established Ecosouth Safaris to realise my dream of a more holistic approach to travel.

I’ll never leave Africa and the continent will always be my work and play, and I want it to remain this way forever. While it does face it’s challenges in certain aspects such as poaching, there is no task too difficult to face.

I want my clients footprints to fade away into the golden sands of the savanna and yet at the same I want their positive impact through booking through Ecosouth Safaris to last a lifetime.

What you see here is my vision for Africa and the future of it, and I hope you enjoy your journey with us.