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Of all the options available for your visit to Africa, the traditional tented safari is by far the best choice. A true tented safari is a completely mobile and self-contained expedition, with the equipment and crew moving to a new wilderness area every few days.

There is nothing to compare with being in your own camp in a beautiful setting with the sights and sounds of nature close at hand. You have come to Africa to see the wildlife, enjoy the beautiful landscapes, and be as close to the rhythm of nature as possible, and the tented camp provides the perfect way to do that.

There is nothing quite like coming back to camp in the evening after an exhilarating day on safari. A perfect hot shower is ready for you in your tent, and your clothes have been freshly laundered. Coming out to a crackling campfire and sitting down with your favorite drink, the stars blaze overhead and maybe somewhere out in the dark, a lion roars. It is at moments like these that the magic of Africa steals into your soul and changes you forever. Exclusive campsites are carefully selected for their beauty and uncluttered intimacy with nature and the guiding is second to none.

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