Train Journeys


Modern technology has made travel a breeze. Hopping between continents is now only a few movies and a comfortable seat away. While this has made life incredibly easy for us, there is still beauty in the journey. Moving at a slower pace really allows you to soak everything in, live in the moment and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of this world. It brings you back to a slower time where moments were to be savoured.

Nothing is more luxurious than old school rail travel, and in Africa there are two names synonymous with luxury rail travel; Rovos Rail and The Blue Train. From the bustling cities to the thundering Victoria Falls, these trains are the epitome of a hotel on wheels, taking you back to a time where life was slower and less connected. A time where the pleasure was in the journey and where rushing from place to place was never even considered.

We invite you to experience Africa through the luxury of rail, and promise you’ll never see travel the same way again.

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