What we do

Africa is one of the last remaining truly wild areas on the planet. It is a place of immense beauty and vast landscapes that inspire awe in every visitor. It is a place of great wonder and enchantment.

So…what do we do?

We let you experience every corner of it. We welcome you as a friend. We design African experiences based on sustainability and love for the land. We let you travel the land by foot, vehicle and plane but we promise that your footprint won’t last here, only your memories, photos and stories.

We guide you along yet let you be free. We invite you to experience some of the most magical and untouched areas, filled with so much wildlife and beauty that you’ll return home with a different view on life.

We also do this to conserve the landscape. Through planting trees, working to save the rhinos and creating jobs by supporting local communities, we want Africa to stay the same as it is forever and ever more.

Change is good, but Africa needs to remain the same. At Ecosouth Safaris, we work to keep the landscape and animals the same.

The only thing that might change after your trip, is your choice of where you want to spend the rest of your life.

Welcome to Ecosouth Safaris, we can’t wait to welcome you to our home.